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Via Poliseri 91023 Marettimo

GPS coordinates

Latitude 37.9667178
Longitude 12.0735074

Welcome to Marettimo

Marettimo is the third of the Egadi islands, the most distant. In the distance, you will already make out the Castle, on top of Punta Troia, which almost seems to detach itself from the rest of the island. The mountain overlooking the sea has given way to a small fishermen’s village: the same ones that will guide you in the many coves, reachable only by boat.
An enchanting sea awaits you, a paradise for divers.

Wild nature

The charm of Marettimo is increased by its fascinating and millenary history.
The ancient Greek toponym means "sacred island" and it seems that the ancient populations who inhabited it, Phoenicians in the lead, attributed a sacred character to it.


Immerse yourself in the crystalline and warm waters of the Egadi Nature Reserve, the largest marine reserve in Europe. Let yourself be fascinated by the unique colors of the countless protected animal and plant species, jealously guarded on the seabed of the Aegadian coasts. And always keep your eyes open: if you see a monk seal it's not a hallucination! It's just Morgana swimming free to go home!

Where the sea splits the coast there are caves that must be listened to with your eyes closed.
The breath of the island, the night, the battles, the stories, the light.
They say that Marettimo is Ithaca, perhaps for this reason when you find it, you find yourself.


Favignana is the largest of the three Egadi islands, the most populated, the closest to Trapani and also the one that offers a greater variety of landscapes: from the sandy bottoms of Cala Azzurra, to the rocky ones of Cala Rossa and Bue Marino, to the equipped beaches of Lido Burrone, to the pebbles, passing through the Faraglioni and Punta Sottile, not to mention the infinity of small coves and unnamed corners that you will discover only by wandering around the island.

In front of Favignana, so close that it seems to be able to reach it by swimming, there is the little Levanzo, with the beautiful Cala Minnola and the Grotta del Genovese, where graffiti and drawings from prehistoric times have been found intacts.

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